Teaching method

The school’s teaching method is based on communication, with the student constantly at the center of attention. Students actively exercise the fundamental functions of the language. Particular attention is dedicated to conversation, with a view to developing students’ abilities to express themselves and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course. Naturally, this method also includes the study of Italian syntax and grammar rules, which, though essential, are not enough to achieve a true command of the Italian language.


Our instructors are university graduates with extensive teaching experience both in Italy and abroad. Before joining our staff, teachers attend our own specialization course and undergo an internship period. The school is a training center for Italian language teachers accredited by the Ministry of Education and by the Siena University for Foreigners.

The permanent teaching staff is directed by a curriculum coordinator who also supervises the development of new and up-to-date teaching materials.


Before the beginning of their first course, students are given oral and a written entrance tests to determine their knowledge of the Italian language and thus ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level.

Students must pass an evaluation test at the end of each level in order to move up to the next one.

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Textbooks and teaching material

Textbooks and teaching material