Tandem service

Language exchange with Italians

The Torre di Babele Italian language school is part of the 'Tandem International' network of language schools. Tandem is a method which encourages the expansion and development of language skills through inter-linguistic exchange.

The school arranges for two highly motivated native speakers of different languages (Italian and another language) to meet on a regular basis to improve their knowledge of the second language through an exchange of conversation in the two languages.

These meetings, as well as providing the chance to practice what has been learned in class, are an opportunity to become better acquainted with Italian culture through personal contact.

This service is offered free of charge and can be requested through the school office, at the beginning of your Italian language course.

TANDEM partner schools

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More about the TANDEM® method and organisation

  • Teacher training and specialization in the Tandem method
  • Literature and research archive
  • A contact point for the creation of new Tandem schools
  • Tandem projects designed for universities, adult education centers (including International Institutes) and other organizations
  • Self-teaching system for German and Basque

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