As well as Italian language courses, the school organizes seminars with experts in various aspects of Italian culture.

These seminars are aimed ar those who have at least an intermediate knowledge of the Italian language. The minimum number of participants in each group is five and students interested in taking part in a particular seminar may reserve a place at the beginning of the course. The seminars involve an extra cost.

We organize seminars on:

  • Italian literature: An overview of literary production in Italy in recent years.
  • Art history: Rome and its masterpieces. Guided tours and slide-lectures on selected topics.
  • Italian architecture: The center and the suburbs: architecture over the last 100 years in Rome; new tendencies in Italian architecture today.
  • Italian cinema: The works of Italy's most important directors.
  • Italian cooking: For those who love Italian food and want to learn to prepare traditional dishes. The seminar is held in the home of the cooking instructor.
  • Italian wines: General introduction to Italian wines. How to recognize, appreciate, define and drink a good Italian wine.