January refresher course

***Course not available in January 2019***

Refresher course for L2-LS Italian teachers

Language Archipelago III – classes as creative hubs to teach Italian to foreigners

Grammar, and more specifically the subjunctive, will be our first port of call. Anyone with exerience of teaching knows that this is a formidable milestone for foreign and Italian students alike.

Next, we will look at themed study narratives, which weave together language and culture.

The third stop, fellow travelers, is the particular and peculiar language of advertising.

Ours is a rich, rewarding journey into Italy’s language and culture and how to teach them, ensuring that this wealth captures the interest of foreign students.

The second leg of the journey will be marked by images, texts, debates, exercises and activities.

Guiding us on our voyage of discovery are Nuccia de Filippo and Loredana Chiappini, who have taught at our school for many years and co-authored Congiuntivo che passione! and Viaggio in Italia I and II, published by Loescher.

Length of the course: 1 week – 20 hours – from 16 to 20 January 2017

In the course of the week, we will explore the following topics: teaching Italian through themed narratives the subjunctive Educational use of advertising text Journey into Italian flavors Roman walks (guided tours of Rome and its historical hotspots).

See or request a detailed schedule (PDF)

Creating themed narratives (Nuccia De Filippo)

Teaching Italian through themed narratives

This program is built on the idea that teaching relies on delicate narrative constructions that help students to grasp the relationship between form and meaning, language and content. We will introduce you to learning pathways that follow a thematic theme through a series of texts and related content, to bring students into contact with every aspect of Italian language and culture.

The subjunctive (Nuccia De Filippo)

The Italian subjunctive is notoriously difficult to use, for Italians as well as foreigners. But it isn’t a luxury: it’s an Italian-speaker’s ID card, a way of expressing all the feelings, conjectures, timelines, comparisons, causal connections that together encompass the human experience Advertising – an effective mirror to our times, which describes Italy’s past and present through few words and many images.

Advertising, more than any other field, lends itself to education – through different types of text: iconic, written, oral, video – interconnected linguistic elements.

We wil present an up-to-date overview of the cultural and social values that best define our country by looking at past and present advertising campaigns. We will mostly focus on tv spots, tracing the development of liguistic and cultural content.

We will also look at educational models linked to advertising, which can be adapted to various levels of knowledge.

Journey into Italian flavors - Wines in the shadow of the vulcano: full-bodied, strong, robust” Introduction and tasting of fine wines and local gastronomical specialities.

Roman walks Baroque Rome New horizons in architecture: MAXXI and the ‘Parco della musica’

Teachers Nuccia De Filippo has been engaged in teacher-training and education with Torre di Babele since 1988. With Loredana Chiappini, she has co-authored the manuals “Un giorno in Italia 1” and “Un giorno in Italia 2” and the text “Congiuntivo che passione!” published by Loescher. She holds teacher-training courses for teachers in Italy and abroad. Loredana Chiappini has also been in charge of education and teache training with Torre di babele since 1988. With Nuccia de Filippo, she has co-authored the manuals “Un giorno in Italia 1” and “Un giorno in Italia 2” and the text “Congiuntivo che passione!” published by Loescher. She holds teacher-training courses for teachers in Italy and abroad.

Costs 1 week – 25 hours (course + cultural activities – 210.00 euros Enrollment fee: 40.00 euros

The price includes Accommodation support service Course Educational material Cultural activities (tastings + guided tours) Certificate of attendance

Not included Enrollment fee (40 euros) Accommodation Travel expenses for extracurricular activities Tickets for museums, art galleries, concerts, events, pizza evenings or restaurants when not included in the program.

Accommodation Participants from abroad or from other Italian cities can avail themselves of various accommodation types. For the duration of the course, our support system helps place participants in hotels or rooms in apartments owned by locals. We recommend you book the rooms as far in advance as possible. We have a choice of single or double rooms, which are available from the Sunday before the beginning of the course to the Saturday after the end of the course.

Hotel You can also book a room in a hotel. Prices vary depending on the type of arrangement, with single rooms starting at 70 euros and doubles at 140. The sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a good price. If you have specific requests (studio flats or self-catering apartments), please contact our school office.

Cancellation: Participants can be reimbursed in full (excepting transaction charges) if they contact the school to cancel their enrollment by post (or email) at least 15 days before the start of the course. Those cancelling after this deadline will not be reimbursed.

Payment: Payment must be made at the start of the course and is non-refundable.