Target audience

The CILS-DIT/C2 certificate is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and aims to measure the Italian language and educational skills of foreign graduates who are trained teachers in their countries and wish to apply to teach in Italian schools.


The CILS-DIT/C2 certificate seeks to discern the linguistic-communicative Italian skills needed by teachers with different mother tongues to manage communication in an educational context. The aim of the course is to ensure that those wishing to teach in Italian state and non-state schools (nursery, primary, secondary) possess the required level of Italian – in compliance with decree n. 206 of 6.11.2007.


The CILS-DIT/C22 includes two modules, each relating to different schools and


CILS-DIT/C2 certificate for teachers in I and II degree secondary schools

CILS-DIT/C2 certificate with additional oral test for teachers in primary schools or I and II degree secondary schools as pertains to Italian or literary disciplines (classes 43/a, 50/a, 51/a, 52/a)

Exam locations and dates

The exam will take place in the University for Foreigners in Siena, Piazzale Rosselli 27/28, or in the following authorised locations: Libera Università di lingue e comunicazione IULM – Milano; Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'ORIENTALE"- Centro Interdipartimentale dei Servizi Linguistici ed Audiovisivi- Napoli; Università degli Studi di Palermo - Scuola di Lingua Italiana per Stranieri – Palermo.

These satellite locations conduct the exam following the guideines specified by the University for Foreigners in Siena and using specially trained teachers. To guarantee a balanced judgement, all the exams are assessed at the Univerity for Foreigners in Siena. With this in mind, oral tests are recorded. CILS-DIT/C2 takes place over the course of a day. CILS-DIT/C2 with an additional test takes place over two days. Exams take place twice a year, in mid April and mid October. Dates will be published at least a year in advance.


To enroll in CILS-DIT/C2 , you need to contact Division 5 – Student Services, CILS e DITALS certificate Office, at least 40 days before the exam. The candidate must provide her or his details and fill in an application that must contain main details, nationality, citizenship, residency. Upon enrolment, the candidate must pay an exam fee.