Winners of 10 Scholarships - Reasons for Learning Italian

Thank you all for participating in our initiative! We received many responses indicationg fascinating reasons to learn Italian, from which we randomly extracted 10 names.

Here are the lucky winners of the scholarships for our intensive Italian language coursesat 50% of the normal course fees:

  • Maria Victoria Diaz Charte
  • Kelly Cristina Brolo Vitorino  
  • Katerina Menshova   
  • Aboon Therese
  • Nikoletta Benko 
  • Hildo Andrade
  • Karina Terralavoro  
  • Bente Rønde Holm  
  • Aleksandra Sergejeva  
  • Luz Marina Gil

The scholarship can be transferred to a friend or relative and the Italian language course must be attended within 2013.

To see the list of top rated motivations, click here.

Arriverderci a Roma