Thank you all for participating in our initiative!
We received many original, beautiful and interesting pictures, from which we selected 20 names at random. Here are the lucky winners of the scholarships for our intensive Italian language courses in Rome, at 50% of the normal course fees:


Anthony Heinemann


Audrey Demat


Li Xu


Satoko Ueyama

Branka Radulovic


Jana Kubikova


Silvia Martinez Sanchez


Nadezda Pletneva


Monique Baardman


Sibel Kadoglu


Luis Mont


Marina Carrer Domingues


Dieter e Elvira Ortner


Ruben Pedros Landin


Juan David Hernandez


Magdalena Polakiewicz


Giordano Jayson


Smiljana Ocenas


Kristina Finopetova

   David Steel



The course must be attended by 2013. Who could not use a scholarship in 2013 can pass it  to a friend or relative.

If you want to see the pictures of all the participants
click here.
For reasons of space we’ve chosen one picture for each student.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!