Italian and Design Experience

Summer Syllabus Italian and Design Experience


Torre di Babele and IED Roma (Istituto Europeo di Design)

Course title: Language and Design Experience

Course dates: from July 1 to July 26. 2013

Location: Torre di Babele and  IED Roma

ourse description

This unique program combines an intensive Italian language course with an introduction to the art forms, industry leaders and global influence of Italian design. Morning sessions are devoted to language study, while the afternoon session includes lectures, site visits and discussions with professionals representing the various facets of the design industry in Italy. This interaction with professionals in the field gives students an inside look at Italian design traditions and philosophy, while also exercising their language skills in a stimulating environment.

Topics covered: Italian language (all levels offered), Italian production in furniture, food service, kitchen and transportation design: introduction to related fields of design including cinema, graphic arts, art and architecture.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve and refine Italian language skills after completing the intensive language course.
  • Develop an appreciation for Italian design from its historical roots to contemporary issues and institutions.
  • Gain insight into today's Italian art and design world through workshops and discussions with industry professionals. 

Levels and prerequisites


This program is a combination of an Italian language course (students will be assigned to a course that reflects their actual level of Italian) and design lectures and visits conducted in Italian. Students should have at least basic command of the language and reasonable comprehension skills in order to follow the design lecture portion.


Instruction method


This course combines the use of traditional classroom lecture, site visits, class discussion and guest lecturers. Active participation in discussions with guest lecturers and site visit / field trip attendance is essential.

Class Schedule and Contact Hours: This course meets Monday through Friday for both a morning and afternoon session. (Friday,July 26, 2013 Student Exhibition and Program Closure). Some visits and project work may occur outside of regular class time. The course meets for a total of 80 lessons of Italian language instruction and 45 hours of Italian Design lectures and visits. The Italian language lessons are 45 minutes each. 




University and Transfer Credits: Students seeking university credits for summer courses should contact the international education office at their home institution and find out the transfer credit procedure. IED provides all relevant course materials including syllabus, professor profiles, and official student transcript in order to facilitate the transfer of credit and recognition of the course/program. Credits for both the US and European systems are noted on all course outlines and are based upon international standards.

Note that credits are indicative only and may not reflect the credits accepted by the student’s particular home institution.


Site visits and fieldtrips


Site visits and fieldtrips are part of the course and may take place outside regularly scheduled Italian language or design classes, including on weekends. Student participation is mandatory as these visits are an integral part of the learning experience.


Course texts, bibliography, teaching materials


Students will be issued a course pack and/or PDF copy of readings from texts as well as other relevant articles added by the instructor.


  • Gabriella D’Amato, Storia del design, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2005 e sgg. ed. (da pag. 37 a pag, 132)
  • R. De Fusco, Storia del Design, Laterza, Roma-Bari, 1998 e sgg. ed. (dall’inizio fino a pag. 58)
  • E. Morteo, Grande Atlante del Design, Electa, Milano, 2008.
  • D. Dardi, Il design in 100 oggetti, 24ore Cultura, Milano, 2008.
  • C. e P. Fiell, Il Design dalla A alla Z, Taschen, Kohln, 2001.
  • A. Branzi, Capire il Design, Giunti, Firenze, 2007.

Course Materials and Supplies:

Students will be provided with readings, photocopies of textbooks and pdf documents of classroom lectures.


Design lesson plan

  • Day 1: General introduction to the course. IED. Domitilla Dardi
  • Day 2: Italian design and the Made in Italy concept: Furniture (1). IED. Domitilla Dardi
  • Day 3: Italian Graphic Design. IED. Antonio Masullo
  • Day 4: Visit to a design store (AD, Driade). Patrizia Di Costanzo
  • Day 5: Italian design and the Made in Italy concept: Food Design (2). IED. Domitilla Dardi
  • Day 6: Elements of drawing – guid to the elaboration of the sketch book. IED. Arianna Sodano
  • Day 7: Visit to the Museum and Historical Archives of Birra Peroni with Director Daniela Brignone
  • Day 8: Visit to the Gentilini Museum and biscuit factory or visit some of Rome's celebrated cafes (Caffè Rosati, Caffè Greco, Sant’Eustachio)
  • Day 9: Italian design and the Made in Italy concept Fashion (3). IED. Domitilla Dardi, 2h Review of the sketch book. Arianna Sodano, 1h
  • Day 10: Visit to a fashion atelier. Clara Tosi Pamphili
  • Day 11: “Altaroma” backstage Clara Tosi Pamphili
  • Day 12: Italian cinema. IED. Claudio Calibotti
  • Day 13: Italian design and the Made in Italy concept (4). IED. Domitilla Dardi 2 h Review of the sketch book. IED seat. Arianna Sodano 1 h
  • Day 14: Visit to the MACRO Museum. Emilia Giorgi
  • Day 15: Sketch book review. IED. Arianna Sodano
  • Day 16: Visit to the MAXXI Museum. Emilia Giorgi
  • Day 17: Final day: closing and diploma ceremony



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