Middle Term Intensive Standard Italian Language Courses

Middle Term Italian Intensive Standard Courses are addressed to students who wish to learn Italian over a period of 6 to 11 weeks. This course is offered at a special reduced price. Our middle term course includes 4 group lessons a day (20 per week) and is accompanied by a rich cultural program.  Based on their level, participants can acquire a basic knowledge of the Italian language or improve and perfect the knowledge they already have.


These courses are ideal for those who plan a stay of a month or more in Italy, whether for study , work or leisure, and want to accompany their trip with an Italian course in Rome.


Mid-length Italian language courses are taught at all levels. Class size averages around seven or eight students, with a maximum of 12, meaning that every student will receive individual attention in  a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


The cultural program accompanying the course further compliments what is learned in classes. It includes informal seminars for learning Italian in the areas of culture, literature, art history, music, cinema, design and Italian cooking, complemented by visits to cultural sites in Rome and the surrounding regions.


Our school also provides a useful language exchange service featuring language practice outside the class environment, without additional charge.



For more information about our course offerings please contact us.