Since 1984, the year of its foundation, Torre di Babele has worked in cooperation with organizations and institutions in Italy and abroad such as  Universities, Schools, Associations of Italian teachers, Italian Cultural Institutes, etc.


Thanks to its reputation for quality instruction the school has gained various accreditations.


Each year the school offers scholarships, study grants and fee reductions through Italian Culture Institutes, Universities and Italian schools abroad.

Periodically the school elects one or more countries “Countries of the Year” and offers a discounted price to all students of those nationalities.


Furthermore, the school offers numerous facilities for students and teachers of different countries:

  • German workers can attend one of our courses by applying for a “Bildungsurlaub”.
  • Swedish students can apply for a Study Grant to CSN Lund (Swedish National Students Assistance Board).
  • Italian teachers abroad can attend our training and refresher courses, which have been published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database.